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Thursday, 18 November 2010

Pure Nothingness!

So! after handing in the two (only two we're given in our third year) university briefs two weeks ago and a 2000 word draft of the dissertation a week ago! I found myself feeling very very alone.. HOWEVER, really excited to be free to do my own things! So far I've written two personal briefs and whittled my client briefs down to two for the moment. Both have been approved by the tutor, with praise, and so I need to get cracking before the Viva.

I only wish I didn't need to work each weekend, I'd have alot more time to crack this design business. I'm just going to become a hermit within the week and not leave my mac alone!

I'm not giving any ideas away for my briefs yet, not until I have some visuals to put up here to explain things a little better!

I need to find my personal fuel - don't drink tea or coffee.. energy drinks don't seem to do anything.. and I live of sweets so sugar won't work. suggestions on a postcard?



  1. Maybe you should learn to drink tea! My current vice is a Raspberry Iced Tea from Costa, it's frickin' awesome!

  2. raspberry iced tea! that sounds lush, i love the peach one!! I need to try this!