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Wednesday, 14 September 2011


I started a course Monday for freelancing, by participating in this course I will gain a qualification with ILM. I've found the first three days really interesting and incredibly insightful and helpful towards my business ideas. Today mainly concentrated on finance, which was much more difficult to get my head around and has left me with a few headaches! I think perhaps if there had been a few case studies it would have helped me learn as I think the style of my learning, being a creative person, is through visual aids and examples.. but I'm sure I'll get it soon :)

The last three weeks have been so busy, setting up the Craft Fayre was relatively quick in terms of booking stalls as people who have been interested began contacting us after our first wave of advertising. The next, harder, steps were to make sure we were getting the customers through the doors to make it all worthwhile. This involved going out every day and wandering the streets of Cwmbran posting flyers through doors. Luckily we gained some help along the way, but we've still not finished the whole of Cwmbran.. it's actually a lot bigger than I thought.. even though I've lived in Cwmbran for 22 years!

The fayre was a success, especially considering it was the first fayre, and hopefully word of mouth and more advertising will guarantee an even bigger turn out next month! With regards to my designs that I've been selling at the fayre, and at Usk Show the day before, I've done pretty well! Especially with gathering interest from customers who are looking for particular commissions, such as wedding invitations, personal poems and potential sales to shops!

Everything is really exciting at the moment, I've always wanted my own business and so hopefully I'm taking the right steps for this to become a reality! :)

As far as design work goes, I'm almost finished with a client website which can be seen here: but would like to STRESS that the logo design is nothing to do with me and unfortunately my web design had to include the logo.. I think I've made my opinion on that quite clear so I won't go on.

Also, for my lasercut designs I am trading as 'Cut.It.Out' and my design for that logo is below:

You can find my page on facebook to have a nose through my work: Cut.It.Out If you do have a browse, please click like!

Enough of my rambling for now :)