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Monday, 18 April 2011

Jammie Dodger - Marketing Presentation

Last week I had a great opportunity to go into Burtons Food factory in my hometown to sit in for a presentation from the Marketing Director about the brand new advertising campaign hitting our TV screens at the start of May.

This advertising campaign comes due to the creation of Toffee and Choccie Dodgers, and a complete rebranding of the product. The design has really been brought into 2011 and is definitely a product that competes against the biggest in the biscuit market.

The presentation was really interesting, it was really great to hear all the branding information I learnt last year in university actually put into practice for a real company with real budgets.

Check out the article below, it explains the design considerations of the agency that handled the project.
Jammie Dodger Rebrand Article

There isn't anything online for the TV adverts yet, we were the first to see it! It has three monkey puppets tempting a mum to choose the dodger that they represent. It really connects with kids and parents which is what was set out in the brief, their market research was so thorough which is to be expected with such a massive budget on the line! I really think the adverts will be a success, can't wait to see it on the TV now :) I'll post the link as soon as it's on youtube!