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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Client Work

Catch up!
Throughout summer I made a dedicated start on my progress towards third year! as well as having a holiday and a life..

So here are a few client projects I did over my summer and carried on into my first semester back in Swansea.

My first Client brief was from a lady wanting to open a Hair Salon in Cyprus, the salon would be called XTC and the colours had to be vibrant green and purples. Other than these requirements I was left to my own devices. Below shows how the logo can be adapted to suit other needs or colour requirements.

Next, my local scout group approached me as they wanted to get their own version of the scouting logo produced for their uniform, neckers and any other material they would use the logo on. They gave me colour requirements and showed me the original welsh scouting logo. I showed them a few ideas, and this is what they chose.

A Hairdresser approached me to make business cards for him to use when doing freelance work or networking with potential clients and customers. There was no brief set, I created a few different samples and showed the client, below is the final business card.

My latest complete client project is for Crow Valley Line Dancing, a line dancing company based in my home town of Cwmbran. I produced a logo for the company as they had never had one before. I was only briefed on colours, through research I found myself coming to the solution shown below and the client is now using this logo.

I have two other Client projects on at the moment, as well as two university briefs and my dissertation. However, I'm always looking for new work and more experience. If you know anyone who I could help with some graphic design knowledge or work, please don't hesitate to contact me!

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