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Monday, 22 August 2011

Summer 2011

I've been non-stop busy since the start of July and have to apologise big time for not keeping you updated about what's been going on.. and also apologise because this is going to be one hell of an update!

So I started the summer by receiving my results! FIRST CLASS HONOURS! chuffed :) Then I was off to London to exhibit at New Designers 2011! Being chosen for this by my university was excellent, and what I'd been working so hard towards all year long!

Here are a few pics:

I had lots of positive comments about my work which was really nice to hear, after staring at your work for so long it makes you a bit unsure whether it looks good to other people! I had quite a few conversations with industry people and emails from people who had picked up my business cards which was really great too! As I'm currently only looking for freelance work to do alongside my MA I replied to these companies letting them know, but hopefully when my MA is done these companies will be looking for me again :)

I had a great time in Camden for that week with people from my class and If you hadn't been there with me I wouldn't have got through what I did. Big special thanks to Rejane, Alice and Dan.

Next was my birthday, and then graduation! Jam packed month and that was just the first two weeks!

I'd post a photo of my graduation here, but I'm sure you're not too interested in that!

So.. graphic design time sheets have been pretty choc full too! I started with the design of Cwmbran Craft Fayre, a venture between me and my best friend and business partner Michaela Rossiter. Check out our Facebook page here for details: Cwmbran Craft Fayre

Here's my design for the colour poster:

This has been an ongoing design project as we've started promoting the fayre starting September 11th, our 10,000 flyers are arriving this week ready to flyer bomb Cwmbran, the internet has been bombarded with adverts and posters are appearing everywhere! In other craft news, we are appearing at every Craft stall event that we can get to! so far we've been to Chepstow Show, Caerwent Show and Caerleon. Next stop Rogerstone!

Here are some photos from Chepstow:

Another design job i've completed this month is a logo for Crystal Creations. Check out their Facebook page; Crystal Creations

I'm currently finishing my website project for a client, it will be finished by this Wednesday. The link for this website is, I did not design the logo. Check back soon for the completed website!

Other projects I have on the go are logo designs for 'Adam and Eve' Crochet designs and 'Cut it out' paper art designs (my own project).

This update has been so incredibly brief, I need to set aside time every other day to update this, if I ever find five minutes!

In the meantime, I hope you're all well :)


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