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Tuesday, 22 March 2011


I had my viva (final presentation for the tutors) yesterday.. once again I was so nervous, for what turned out to be a perfectly normal chat about my work. It has to be said, they hype the vivas up so much, although if you have the work done then it's a breeze I guess you only really need to worry if you've not done a lot!

So for anyone interested, they told me if I stopped working now.. and handed all the projects i've done so far I would get a 2:1! Which I'm very chuffed about, however, I'm not the type of person to sit back and relax and think everythings gonna be fine. I'm determined to push my work to the limits so when I graduate I know I really put my all into it :)

I haven't had much of a 'student' social life over the past few months and I'd like to justify that with the grade I get when I leave!

Anywho enough of the personals, I just wanted to update everyone with some of the surface pattern brochure project i've been working on... here's one of the adverts that will be appearing in Elle magazine, Selvedge magazine and Craft magazine in the next month.

I'll post up the layout work asap :)


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