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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Five months left...


..this thought is on a continuous loop in my head at the moment.
I can't think of much else other than our final deadline day of the 9th of May at 12pm!!!

It's all about the deadlines for the next five months, and if I haven't been particularly organised for the best part of my degree so far, then this is the time to really glue my butt to the computer chair and cover my walls in lists and calenders.

This being said, I have managed to get some new work and ideas down..

The above image is from a photograph of my boyfriend taken by Constantinos Kokkinopoulos. Using type I recreated the image.
This was just a test, to take my mind away from deadlines and experiment with other, fun, graphic design work. However, I really like the effect, and although it took me a good few hours to do this.. I would really like to apply it to a project, or perhaps evolve my own personal project from this.

One of my tutors suggested using a full size photograph of me and using this type technique recreate the image and use it for my exhibition space for the end of year show. Much like supermarkets use full size models to scare the crap outta you in the supermarkets (i'm sure that isn't their exact intentions..) ..see below.

I'm gonna leave you with a website.. a graphic designer I've loved since I was sixteen
If you're unfamiliar with her work.. why?!

stress stress stress :)

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