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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Second year proved to be a lot more difficult than year one, however, trying to hold down a part time job did prove to add to the difficulty I had. This is why I will not be keeping my part time job past christmas of this year, as I want to focus purely on my design work, and not have my degree suffer on behalf of working in a shop!

Here are images of the work I produced throughout second year, beginning with our new branding class, our first project was to design the brand imagery and corporate i.d for a made up company. I began by researching competition, the obvious being Starbucks and Costa and I looked at how smaller chains and one off businesses cope against these retail giants. Working with branding I needed to look at who my target audience was, their needs, and any design specifics that would help the business appeal to them. Here is what I came up with!

As well as the logo, business card, compliment slip and letterhead we had to think how the logo could be used in the environment of the business, which is essential if the logo is to be a success!

Next in the branding lessons we had a project to design a fashion brand! Same principles applied, researching, deciding a target audience, researching some more! I actually do love researching, almost my favorite part! Below is the logo I created for my fashion brand called 'Aphrodite', with grecian influences and a target audience of women aged 18-25 with a lot of money!

Below is the front cover for the fashion brochure I produced to advertise the high end clothing range, the design and photography used within the brochure were created by myself rather than using images off the internet, purely to give an idea of what the brochure could look like if the photographs were produced in a professional studio instead.

Next post will be showing everything to do with website design that I learnt throughout second year!


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